Population genetics

Sexually antagonistic selection (together with researchers from the Special Topics Network “Linking local adaptation with the evolution of sex differences” from the European Society of Evolutionary Biology)
We studied the genomic patterns of sexually antagonistic selection and reviewed how tools from the field of local adaptation can be adapted to this context. Additionally, we provide best-practices for setting up experiments to obtain suitable data and for the theoretical analyses of these data.
The search for sexually antagonistic genes: Practical insights from studies of local adaptation and statistical genomics, Evolution Letters, 2020 (view online)

Demographic noise (together with Arne Traulsen and Chaitanya Gokhale)
We studied a system with two traits with intra- and interspecific competition (stochastic competitive Lotka-Volterra) under fluctuations in population size. We were mostly interested in the impact of the four competition parameters which we interpreted in terms of an evolutionary game. We found that in order to disentangle the ecological (population size fluctuations) from the evolutionary (trait frequency dynamics) scale in this system the two traits need to be very similar, i.e. we are in the context of nearly neutral mutations.
Fixation probabilities in populations under demographic fluctuations, Journal of Mathematical Biology, 2018 (view online)
Disentangling eco-evolutionary effects on trait fixation, Theoretical Population Biology, 2018 (preprint) (TPB link)