Winter term 2021/22

Advanced module: “The Growth of Evolutionary Thought”
Lecture series and journal club — program of the lecture series can be found here

Research module: “Theoretical models in ecology and evolution”
Possible projects (details upon request):

  1. Investigating the stability of the polymorphism of sexually antagonistic alleles (potentially in collaboration with Meike Wittmann — Bielefeld)
  2. Population dynamics of transposable elements (collaboration with Bornberg-Bauer lab)
  3. Genetic caste determination in Pogonomyrmex ants (collaboration with Gadau lab)
  4. Facultative parthenogenetic reproduction in parasitic wasps (collaboration with Mark Lammers)
  5. Modeling the evolution of priming responsiveness (collaboration with Kurtz lab)
  6. Stability analysis of an ecological network (collaboration with Xu lab)